Jonathan Winters’ funniest Interview ever on ‘Johnny Carson’

The classic TV show “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” was known for its legendary guests and comedic sketches.

One of its most beloved guests was the multi-talented Jonathan Winters. Every time Winters appeared on the show, audiences could expect big laughs and entertaining moments.

As Winters walked out from backstage, he would salute Johnny with a warm greeting, which always set the tone for a fun and entertaining segment. A random member of the audience once yelled out “I love you,” to which Winters responded with a quick quip, “Yes, I love you too. Take your clothes off and come down here, young man!” This lighthearted exchange always put the audience in a good mood and prepared them for the humor to come.

Winters settled in and started talking about his book of drawings, a topic that Johnny was eager to learn more about. Carson flipped through the pages and found a picture to discuss, to which Winters jokingly added, “Take your time, you won’t be graded until…,” looking at his watch, “Well, after 8.” Johnny laughed heartily at the joke and the two continued to enjoy each other’s company.

Winters explained that the cover of his book was a representation of the first and last day of spring, with a green background and bombs falling on a small town. He shared a humorous story about a woman who asked what the little black things were and if they were licorice. He quipped, “Yeah, they really stick to the tongue.”

Winters talked about his struggles in school, including his struggles in art class. He shared a humorous story about trying to make a clay rabbit in one day, which Johnny found hilarious. Throughout his career, Jonathan was known as a comic, actor, writer, TV host, and artist. He recorded many classic comedy albums and released a new album every decade for 50 years. He received 11 Grammy nominations throughout his career, solidifying his status as a comedic legend.

Johnny loved having Winters as a guest on the show and the two shared many memorable and humorous moments together. Jonathan’s quick wit, humor, and artistic talents made him a beloved figure in the world of comedy and entertainment.

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