‘I Had a Feeling in My Stomach’: Heroic Teens Save 5-Year-Old Girl after Spotting Suspicious Sedan

A teen boy was busy enjoying his playtime with a friend when he heard that a little girl had been kidnapped from the neighborhood. He and his friend then took off on their bikes and began chasing the abductor.

Helping people in need is indeed a virtue, especially when you do it without the other person asking for it. While one can expect a cop jeopardizing their lives to save a person in danger, imagine a teenager doing the same for a little child.

15-year-old Temar Boggs and his friend, Chris Garcia, may seem like all other boys their age, but what they did for a little girl in their neighborhood community makes them both very special.

A 5-year-old girl named Jocelyn Rojas was playing in her front yard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when something unexpected happened. The kid disappeared all of a sudden, leaving her family and friends shocked and scared.

According to authorities, the little girl was reportedly kidnapped and lured by an unknown man who offered to buy her ice cream. For two hours straight, there was no sign of the girl, even though the neighbors and police were busy scouring the area.

Boggs, who was having his usual summer day, helping a neighbor and then playing with his friend, also heard about the missing girl. Without a second’s thought, he decided to help however he could.

Boggs was a student and a neighbor of Rojas. He was fond of sports, spending time with his friends, skateboarding, and biking. He shared how after getting the news, he organized a little search party with his friends to find the girl. He also shared:

“I was just up a long thing on the bike and I had a feeling in my stomach that I was going to find the little girl.”

Reports also provided a description of the abductor, who was believed to be aged between 50 and 70 years old. He was dressed in green pants with a red and white striped shirt and wore green shoes. He walked with a slight limp.

The brave teen explained that he and his friends chased the abductor on their bikes and were able to track down a suspicious sedan. When they looked in the passenger seat, they were relieved to find the little girl. Boggs also revealed:

“We chased it [the abductor’s vehicle] for about ten to fifteen minutes and I guess he got scared and let her out in the corner (sic).”

Apparently, the abductor had realized he was being chased, so he stopped the car and let go of the child. Boggs and his friend then took Rojas to her family, who couldn’t stop showering him with affectionate hugs and words of gratitude.

Boggs also shared that he rescued the girl not because he wanted attention but simply to ensure her survival and happy future. Rojas’s grandmother, Tracey Clay, also appreciated the young man’s heroism:

‘He’s our hero. I mean, there’s no words to say (sic).”

What Boggs and his friend did for the little girl is not only brave and heroic but also selfless. Their story is quite phenomenal and heart-warming. Not all heroes wear capes.

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