Dad escorts his late son’s girlfriend to senior prom so she doesn’t miss the magical event

In order to ensure that his child’s sweetheart wouldn’t miss out on the prom, the father of a teen passed away in a car ɑccident took her.

Carter Brown’s senior prom date was supposed to be wearing the corsage and posing for humorous photos with them.

The Pennsylvania youngster was replaced by his father, Robert Brown, a month after he passed away in a car accident.

Robert knew his son would still want Kaylee Suders to attend the prom, so he went with her to the James Buchanan High School event in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

As Carter’s car veered into the opposing lane and was struck head-on, he was returning from Indiana State University with the intention of surprising Suders, his girlfriend of more than a year. The 19-year-old was declared deceased at the scene.

After Carter passed away, Suders said she didn’t want to attend prom. However, she changed her mind when Robert requested to go to prom with her about a week later after obtaining permission from the school.

Kaylee is also very kind and is a member of their family, according to Robert, who also said that his son was a lovely, caring child. He kept thinking that his son would want her to go to prom whenever the brief topic of prom came up. That encouraged him to start the process.

She said, “I didn’t even have to think about it.” I categorically responded “yes.”

Prior to the celebration, Carter and Suders had their first date at the same T.G.I. Friday’s where they had dinner.

Robert’s wife Kelly stated that the whole ordeal addressed how important Suders is still to the family.

May the family be content and give each other their undivided attention.

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