WWII veteran celebrates 104 th B-day on the golf course–we all wish you a Happy Birthday

Celebrating a birthday is a special time for anyone but when you surpass the 100 mark it really is a cause for celebration.
WWII veteran George McInally’s 103rd birthday celebration was a low-key affair last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, this year his family made sure he made up for it with a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan to enjoy what he loves to do most of all – being on the golf course.
The last time George played golf was on his 100th birthday but this year he wanted to hit the links and ride along the course.

His family joined him to celebrate the special occasion wearing t-shirts with “104” written across them. George will be returning to his home next week in Clearwater.

The Michigan native was stationed in the Pacific and flew airplanes for the United States Army Air Forces.

“I signed in the Air Force in April of 1941. I went to school at New York University Guggenheim School of Aeronautics. I went through pilot training and spent a total of five years in the Air Force. It was a tremendous experience but I don’t recommend it…War for experience,” George told Fox News last year on his 103rd birthday.

‘Stay fit and get an education’
The brave veteran was even tasked with flying gliders over enemy territories. He recalled flying into Tokyo knowing the war was over as one of his many great experiences in life as well as going to school in New York.

“One of my best experiences was going to school in Newark, New York City. Subways were a nickel. The ferry to Staten Island was the nickel,” he added.

George, who was married to his wife Hazel for 70 years and had 3 children, credits his long life to dancing, having a good time, and drinking scotch. His wise words to young people is to stay fit and get an education.

I hope George has a wonderful time celebrating his milestone birthday on the golf course with family. Help us wish him many happy returns by sharing this story.

‘I’ve had a good long life’ , says WWII veteran George.
Happy Birthday, we hope you had a fantastic day

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