After 64 Years, A Woman Still Drives Her 1957 Chevrolet

Everyone has good recollections of at least one car. My first tiny Volkswagen Bug will always be a fond memory for me. I was sad the day I had to sell it because it had so many beautiful memories for me, including many laughs with friends, exhilarating road trips, and hours of listening to my favorite music over and over.

But there are instances when you simply have to let a car go. In most people’s lifetimes, they will own a number of automobiles.

That means you’ll have to let go of the car you adore at some point. However, in very rare cases, a person may be able to keep their cherished automobile for the rest of their lives.

That is precisely what happened to Grace Braeger, a lady. Throughout her life, the now elderly woman has only owned one car: a 1957 Chevrolet.

Braeger said that she bought her 1957 Chevy the same year it as released…and that she’s been driving it ever since! That’s a whopping 64 years of driving the same vehicle.

Braeger revealed that she bought her car for $2,250 in 1957, not long before the 1958 cars were out.

Braeger’s car has become a cultural symbol, and the 1957 Chevrolet has a long history in modern society. The ’57 Chevy was highly popular among drag racers when it initially came out.

Later models, such as the Chevrolet 409, were instrumental in the creation of the Beach Boys’ song “409.” The ’57 Chevy is now a sought after antique car among auto enthusiasts, thanks to its rich history.

Braeger’s car is a demonstrator car, which means it was one of the vehicles on display in the dealership’s showroom. But that isn’t why she has kept it for so long. Brager explains in the video below that she continues to drive the car because she like it.

Braeger was interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who explained,

“I chose to keep the car all these years because I had no reason to give it up. I had no major problems with it.”

Today, Braeger doesn’t drive too far, but she has used her ’57 Chevy for long journeys in the past. Surprisingly, the classic car is in almost-perfect condition.”

Braeger continued,

“I was raised during the Depression, and we learned to take care of things. I think that’s had a major bearing on my still having this car today.”

What are your thoughts on Braeger’s vehicle? What is your ideal automobile? Please let us know!

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