A Deaf Infant Hears His Mother Say ‘I Love You’ For The First Time, and It Overwhelms Her With Emotion

A Deaf Infant Hears His Mother Say ‘I Love You’ For The First Time, and It Overwhelms Her With Emotion

A beautiful little girl experiences her mother saying “I love you” for the first time. For most it happens naturally. For a child who is deaf, this is a great discovery. Little Charlie’s parents had to deal with the fact that their wonderful little girl was born with impaired hearing. After the help of a specialist and modern technology, their daughter was able to hear her parents’ voice for the first time.

Baby Charlie’s parents became concerned when their little girl didn’t respond to sounds or vocal cues. His worried parents took him to the doctor and asked for a hearing test. The results showed that Charlie is hearing impaired. He will have to start wearing a hearing aid immediately. A hearing specialist made a hearing aid especially for Charlie’s ear. When they turned it on once, they had no idea that it would have such a profound reaction.

Children born without hearing impairment are immersed in language from the moment they arrive in the world. As people talk, these unimpaired children begin to understand that some sounds have meaning.

Children born with hearing loss do not get this kind of immersive experience as babies. They have difficulties in developing language skills. This is why most doctors recommend that hearing-impaired babies be fitted with hearing aids as soon as possible.

The sooner a baby is fitted with hearing aids, the sooner they will begin to develop those critical language skills. Charlie’s parents immediately made her device a priority.

Waiting longer would stunt Charlie’s development. She hoped that the hearing aid would give the girl a way into the world of sound. However, since she was so young, they didn’t know how well everything would go.

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An incredible surprise awaited them. As soon as the hearing aid was turned on, Charlie’s face changed. She heard her mother’s voice for the first time, bringing her to tears. As she listened more and more, her facial expressions showed her emotions.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping in 2017, Charlie’s mother, Christy Keane, said after talking to Charlie with her hearing aids, they both experienced something new. “I’ve never seen that face before in my life,” she said.

“I am her mother and I know the look in her eyes when she is sad or upset or hurt, and that connection, and that moment when our eyes met and when she heard my voice for the first time, it was really excitement from her.” “, she added.

Of course, Charlie at a young age cannot express his feelings in words. But everyone in the room could tell she started crying when she heard her mother for the first time. This child will need time to learn to speak and develop his listening skills.

But the world is her playground now. Charlie’s world opened up when she made that critical connection with her mother. Technology really can do amazing things. Her parents posted the video on social media and were shocked to see the wonderful response. “I didn’t expect such a big response to the post,” Charlie’s mom shared. “I thought, ‘Oh, what’s wrong?’ “I will announce it,” she said. “And then, I think I woke up the next day with a thousand shares, and by Monday it was up to a million.”

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